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Mascosana Hoof and Paw Balm 80 ml

Mascosana Hoof and Paw Balm 80 ml

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Our anhydrous balm with pure beeswax for summer and winter. Our Mascosana balm protects sensitive paws and hooves in summer and in the cold season.

The paws are particularly strained there. The hot asphalt damages the paws, as does the salt on trips to the beach and in winter from road salt, the sensitive skin of the balls of the feet is deprived of water and the balls of the paws become inelastic and susceptible to injury.

Likewise, due to the water-free nature of our product, the paws cannot freeze, but the beeswax it contains forms a protective layer on the pads and in the pad membrane.

Ingress of moisture, salt or dirt is thus prevented. Due to our proven ingredients wool wax, almond oil, olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E acetate and lemongrass oil, the bales are cared for and softened and the elasticity is maintained.
Long walks are not a problem in winter, as ice formation between the paws is prevented, which is particularly important for hunting and rescue dogs as well as for sled dogs.

The pad skin is cared for and prevents licking and nibbling of the paws.

Check out our high quality ingredients!

Mascosana hoof and paw balm is only produced by certified manufacturers of the food authority. This quality and safety distinguishes us!

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Packaging 80ml

Application As required, can be used several times a day

Origin Germany

Note free of mineral oil/petroleum/paraffin oil, preservatives,

synthetic fragrances, dyes, silicones, emulsifiers


wool wax,almond oil,olive oil,beeswax,vitamin E acetate and lemongrass oil

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Good care for the paws, especially in winter

paw balm? I used to wash my Anka's paws with soap and water in winter after we came back from a walk. But then I discovered the paw balm on the internet. I am impressed and so is my Anka. No more rough paws from the cold and the road salt!!!


We always take our shepherd dog to Formentera in the summer. He runs around the beach with us all day long, all these hot paths, so the paw balm suits us and our darling a lot.

Very good product!!

Apollo is always on nibbled his paw. I really felt sorry for him. Since we've been using Mascosana paw balm, he no longer nibbles on his paws but only on his chewing sticks.

Paw balm for rough and cracked paws

I had never heard of paw balm. But the lady at the grooming salon drew my attention to the fact that my pup had very rough paws and rubbed them with this paw balm. I then also ordered a jar online because she recommended that I continue it at home. Now, Kalli's paws don't look so rough and cracked and he doesn't keep chewing on them anymore. We are grateful for this product.


Super product, great service !!