Mascosana Cissus 1-month joint treatment for animals 30 capsules

Mascosana Cissus 1-month joint treatment for animals 30 capsules

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The Mascosana Cissus is considered to be the crucial dietary supplement/feed for the joint protection and tissue development of your darling. Tendon injuries are favored by the fact that they can have an early effect on the regeneration of the connective tissue through the mobilization of fibroblasts and chondroblasts and supply nutrients to the injured tissue. Unlike painkillers, Cissus also aids in regeneration and allows injuries to heal faster.

Mascosana Cissus stimulates the structure-forming cells of the bones, cartilage and connective tissue and slows down bone loss.

For our best herbs, we have had current laboratory tests carried out in Germany and Thailand. We are proud of our results, for which we spared no expense or effort. Free from salmonella, pesticides, heavy metals and radiation.

More information

Packaging 30 capsules of 150 mg each

components Cissus quadrangularis

Origin Best herbs from Thailand

Laboratory reports 02/2019 Free from salmonella, pesticides, heavy metals and radiation


Feeding recommendation

For dogs up to 8 kg 1/2 capsule per day, so this 3-month course is a 6-month course

For dogs up to 20 kg, open 1 capsule per day and give it over the food or let the closed capsules disappear in a piece of food.

For dogs over 20 kg, open 2 capsules a day and pour them over the food or let the closed capsules disappear in a piece of food.

For horses, we recommend starting with one capsule a day for the first two days, then increasing the dose to two capsules a day.

Depending on how severe the symptoms are, increase to 3 capsules a day . Of course we can't judge that from a distance.

These are recommendations and not medical advice.

We've had great success with it and are proud of our quality.

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Francisc a Alvarez

Mascosana Cissus 1-month joint treatment for animals 30 capsules

Dream woman 2017
Mascosana Cissus joint treatment

Arthrosis was and is always an issue with our Tinchen. But thanks to the Internet, there is a large selection of natural products. Mascosana helped our Tinchen a lot, it doesn't have to help with every dog. We are very satisfied.

Herbal help for pain

After a jump, my horse sustained a tendon injury that lasted a long time. After consultation with my veterinarian, we used Mascosana Cissus parallel to the physiotherapy, which was recommended by a colleague who gave it to her dog. Even my vet was surprised by the effect and included it in his program.


My girlfriend recommended this product to me, she has been taking it because she has had osteoarthritis of the knee for a long time, but from one other company, she said, so if it helps me, it can't hurt your little one with her arthritis either. I then ordered Mascosana Cissus and she was right. My little one has become much more agile and doesn't look so relaxed anymore.

Helps a lot with arthrosis

My seven-year-old Dalmatian has extreme problems getting up and limps badly when he takes his first steps. He probably has arthritis. We tried painkillers, CBD oil and physio but to no avail. After a recommendation, we started with Mascosana's Cissus and it only got a lot better after a short time. The next X-ray appointment at the TA is already at the end of February and we are super excited about the result.