Bio-Kokosöl 500 ml Hund, Katze, Pferd - Mascosana

Cold-pressed organic coconut oil from Thai coconuts 500 ml

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Mascosana's cold-pressed organic coconut oil. Almost every pet owner seems to use it for their pet - so do we, of course.

Some animals get it in their food, others only in their fur. In animals, coconut oil can also have a balancing effect on the thyroid gland and offer protection against ticks. If your darling has gained a little weight, the coconut oil can help with weight loss. So that your four-legged friend feels fit and active.

We've already mentioned some of the advantages, but the list is much longer.

additional benefits:
  • It can help with healing of skin problems, such as eczema, flea allergies, contact allergies and can relieve itching, among other things
  • Coconut oil can reduce allergic reactions and can improve skin health
  • The skin becomes supple and shiny
  • The dog's own smell improves.
  • Coconut oil protects against all fungal infections, including yeast infections, and is also used for this treatment.
  • It also protects against fleas, ticks and mites.
  • Coconut oil soothes and heals dry, cracked skin and calluses.

It ensures healthy gums and teeth, the parasites are kept away by the lauric acid in coconut oil. Lauric acid is highly avoided by ticks, worms and other parasites.


There is the following dosage formula throughout the day:

Tablespoon: Weight in kg:

1.5 20

2 30

2 30

2.5 40

3 from 50


To get real coconut oil liquid, use a warmer for baby milk bottles, so the oil can be dosed perfectly and does not have to be heated in a warm water bath.

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Protection against ticks and other parasites

We take it for our three dogs because it's tick season. It has recently been scientifically proven that coconut oil, which is completely harmless to humans and dogs and even edible, works excellently as a tick repellent. Employees of the FU Berlin have successfully investigated the effect of coconut oil as a protection against ticks and other parasites. But it should be from Thai coconuts and we are in good hands with you.

Best coconut oil

We love to cook with the oil. Our dogs also get the oil through their dry food and since then have no more ticks or mosquito bites, since they often drink from the poll, mosquito bites have always been there. We live in Spain most of the year and it's great that you ship to us there. Unfortunately, it is not yet common for online shops to deliver abroad, even if it is in Europe. Thanks for that. In terms of quality, coconut oil is by far the best oil you can get far and wide. We are lucky here in Spain in the summer months that the oil is liquid - it's just warmer than in Germany.

I'm thrilled!

I've tried many things against Sammy, my Rottweiler's calluses. Then a neighbor recommended coconut oil. Since I'm always on the internet anyway, I discovered Mascosana. And immediately placed an order. Not only the coconut oil, but also the Learosa and Otisana set. I am very satisfied.

Coconut oil against ticks and fleas

Our Tammy finally doesn't need flea and tick collars anymore. It's all chemistry. I'm glad I got the tip with this coconut oil and tried it, it works.

Very recommended

We have a Boerbel Mastiff from Spain with leishmaniasis. He has to be given medication twice a day. But now he has eczema and calluses from time to time due to this disease. The poor boy ! We got antibiotic cream from the vet for that. But we don't want to burden him with medication any more. So we decided to use coconut oil. A splendid alternative.